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Valerie Bertinelli Reveals Eddie Van Halen’s Final Words

Valerie Bertinelli, the first wife of Van Halen co-founder Eddie Van Halen, shared her last words with guitar legend before he passed away from cancer late in 2020.

In an emotional goodbye, Bertinelli told Van Halen, “Maybe next time. Maybe next time, we’ll get it right.” Bertinelli told People, “I loved Ed more than I know how to explain. I loved his soul.”

The couple had been married for almost thirty years before their split in 2007.

Bertinelli, a Food Network host, also claimed that they were painted in the wrong light during the early years of their marriage, saying, “We were portrayed as a mismatch. The bad boy rock star and America’s sweetheart but privately, Ed wasn’t the person people thought he was and neither was I.”

While they did get separated and got married to different people, they remained close to each other’s heart. During a visit on Thanksgiving, Van Halen also gave Bertinelli a gold bar that he had bought in Germany during his treatment.

Talking about the last words of the music-phenom, Bertinelli said, “‘I love you’ are the last words Ed says to Wolfie and me . and they are the last words we say to him before he stops breathing.”

Bertinelli summed up, “Who really knows had he not died. I doubt it. I loved him more than I know how to explain and there’s nothing sexual about it. It was more than that. And Ed and I understood that. There is no greater love than what we had between the two of us and with that, we made this beautiful son.”

Bertinelli’s memoir, “Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today,” is set to come out of January 18.

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