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Tesla To Drop New Single ‘Cold Blue Steel’ Later This Month

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon has revealed that the Northern California hair metal band will release a new single, “Cold Blue Steel,” on August 27.

Hannon said in an interview with Rob Rush Radio that the track, co-written by him and singer Jeff Keith, is “a very real-sounding rock and roll new song.”

Hannon said that late Lynyrd Skynyrd vocalist Ronnie Van Zant had influenced him in writing the song.

“It just turned out that when I was in the garage playing my guitar, writing the riff for the music, JK had pulled up and he was listening to ‘Saturday Night Special’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd,” he said. “And so we decided to kind of touch on that subject. And we wrote that song. And we’re really happy with the way it sounds. It’s really raw and edgy. And we kept all the recordings of the demo is what we made for the single.”

Hannon said that instead of releasing an album including a set of songs, he plans to write the songs and release them as singles.

“And then at the end of it, we’ll put ’em all together on a collection. And that, creatively, just makes much more of a free-flowing creative thing. You’re not fabricating anything for the sake of making an album,” he added.

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