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Neil Young To Release Two ’70s-Era Bootleg Concert Albums

Rock legend Neil Young has announced plans to release two ’70s-era bootleg concerts on April 14.

The first, High Flyin’, is a series of recordings from his 1977 under-the-radar Santa Monica, California, summer club tour with The Ducks, a supergroup featuring bassist Bob Mosley from Moby Grape, guitarist Jeff Blackburn, and drummer Johnny Craviotto.

The second is Somewhere Under the Rainbow, which was recorded live in 1973 at the Rainbow Theatre in London. The album finds Young alongside the Santa Monica Flyers, a band that included Nils Lofgren, Ben Keith, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina.

The Ducks, High Flyin’ Vinyl Track Listing:

Side 11. “I Am a Dreamer”2. “Younger Days”3. “Gypsy Wedding”4. “Are You Ready for the Country?”5. “Hold on Boys”

Side 21. “My My My (Poor Man)”2. “I’m Tore Down”3. “Hey Now”4. “Wide Eyed and Willing”5. “Truckin’ Man”

Side 31. “Sail Away”2. “Gone Dead Train”3. “Silver Wings”

Side 41. “Human Highway”2. “Your Love”3. “I’m Ready”4. “Little Wing”5. “Car Tune”

Side 51. “Windward Passage”2. “Leaving Us Now”3. “Mr. Soul”

Side 61. “Two Riders”2. “Honky Tonk Man’3. “Sailor Man”4. “Silver Wings”

Neil Young and the Santa Monica Flyers, Somewhere Under the Rainbow Vinyl Track Listing:

Side 11. “Tonight’s the Night”2. “Mellow My Mind”3. “World on a String”4. “Speakin’ Out”5. “Albuquerque”

Side 21. “New Mama”2. “Roll Another Number (For the Road)”3. “Tired Eyes”4. “Tonight’s the Night – Part II”

Side 31. “Flying on the Ground Is Wrong”2. “Human Highway”3. “Helpless”

Side 41. “Don’t Be Denied”2. “Cowgirl In the Sand”

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