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Neal Schon Suing Jonathan Cain Over Journey Credit Card

Journey founder Neal Schon is suing bandmate Jonathan Cain, alleging he “improperly restricted” access to financial documents relating to the band’s American Express card.

In a lawsuit filed last month in California state court, Schon accused Cain of refusing to give him access to records from an American Express account, through which he claims that “millions in Journey funds have flowed.”

“This action is brought to turn the lights on, so to speak, and obtain critical financial information Schon has been trying to obtain but has been denied,” Schon’s lawyers argue in court documents filed in Northern California’s Contra Costa County.

Cain and Schon established a limited-liability corporation called Nomota in 1998 to handle Journey’s business dealings, with shared 50/50 ownership. According to court documents, Cain later set up Nomota’s American Express account “without Schon’s consent or knowledge, with only Cain as the account holder.”

The filing says “Schon has tried to avoid legal action, repeatedly requesting that Cain grant him access to the AMEX account. For many months, Cain and his representatives have represented that Schon would be granted access. But every time Schon contacted AMEX, AMEX informed him that he was still not authorized to access AMEX account records.”

In a statement to Billboard, Cain called Schon’s accusations “malicious lies” and said the lawsuit had “absolutely no merit.” Cain said his bandmate had always had access to the Journey credit card but had become angered when limits were placed on his spending.

“Neal has been under tremendous financial pressure as a result of his excessive spending and extravagant lifestyle, which led to him running up enormous personal charges on the band’s credit card account,” Cain wrote in the statement. “When efforts were made to limit his use of the card to legitimate band expenses, Neal unfortunately decided to attack me rather than trying to get his reckless spending under control.”

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