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Midnight Oil Announce New Album ‘Resist,’ Final Tour

Australian rock band Midnight Oil recently announced a new album and a Farewell Tour.

Midnight Oil announced that a chapter of their half-a-century long career will come to a memorable close next year with the release of a 12-song LP they recorded with late bass player Bones Hillman and a series of big gigs. Both are titled Resist.

The band also announced that this will be their final concert tour while making it clear that this does not mean the end of the Oils.

Each of the members will continue their own projects over the years ahead. They also remain very open to recording new music together in the future and supporting causes in which they believe.

The tour will see them perform classic Midnight Oil songs from across their repertoire while also showcasing some “urgent new works.”

Resist engages with the issues of today and tomorrow – like the lead single “Rising Seas,” which tackles the climate crisis in typically uncompromising fashion.

The album pre-order and Australasian tickets will go on-sale beginning November 30.

Midnight Oil said they are also planning a handful of international concerts, subject to Covid restrictions.

Drummer Rob Hirst says, “If I look back, I see a blur of familiar names and faces: Jim, Pete, Martin, Bear and me, slamming loud prog-pop in a Chatswood garage; Giffo, magnificent, rocking back and forth at his first Royal Antler gig; Bonesy, headphones on, singing, lounging on the deck learning our catalogue.”

“I see our managers in their offices; our folks-in-the-engine-room; our wives and trusted friends, and the tiny faces of the ‘Baby Oils’; and the first two rows of a thousand gigs: Midnight Oil fans, pumping, jumping, singing louder than the band…But I don’t look back,” he added.

Resist will be Midnight Oil’s 15th studio album.

A Midnight Oil special performance on “The Sound” is set to air on Sunday at 5:30 pm on ABC TV or ABC iview.

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