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John Oates Shares New Single ‘Disconnected’

Hall & Oates guitarist John Oates recently released his new song “Disconnected,” the second single from a six-song series he announced last year.

“‘Disconnected’ was an idea that I had in my digital archives that I rediscovered during the pandemic.the theme felt even more timely and I produced a reimagined version at home using Garage Band on my Mac,” Oates said.

“There are always times in our lives when we all feel ‘Disconnected’ from something or someone .emotionally, physically, spiritually, or any of the above.but the important thing is to never give up hope and strive to find a way to pull it all back together,” added the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer.

Oates also released a Taylor Swift-inspired music video for the Disconnected. Speaking more about it, Oates said, “I was visually inspired by Taylor Swift using multiple versions of herself in a video. It’s kind of a low-rent version of what she did, me playing everything.”

“Pushin’ a Rock,” the first song in the new series, was released by the Orchard in October.

(Photo: Matt Christine)

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