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Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Explains Why He Doesn’t Talk To Ozzy Osbourne

Black Sabbath‘s Geezer Butler has revealed why he no longer talks to former bandmate Ozzy Osbourne.

In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Butler, the heavy metal bass guitar icon who played with Osbourne in Black Sabbath, said, “We didn’t fall out, it was the wives.”

Butler is promoting his newly released autobiography “Into The Void: From Birth To Black Sabbath – And Beyond.”

In his memoir, Butler mentioned that he actually keeps in touch with guitarist Tony Iommi. Regarding that, Geezer said, “Yeah, he’s always been there for me. You know, he’s a good friend. We can slag each other to death. It’s like marriage, really. You have terrible arguments, you fall out and you come back together. But he’s always there. He always is. I hope he is after this book as well. I still love Bill [Ward, original SABBATH drummer], but he’s not on the Internet. If you want to talk to Bill, you have to e-mail his wife and she has to tell him. It’s really awkward. [Laughs] Ozzy I don’t speak to at all.”

Asked if he thinks there’s a chance those lines of communication will open back up at some point, Butler said, “I very much doubt it. We didn’t fall out; it was the wives.”

In the book, Butler wrote about Ozzy: “Me and Ozzy are fine, it’s just that we’re both ruled by our wives. He’s got a big heart and was always there for me.”

Black Sabbath disbanded in 2017 after a reunion between the group that saw the release of their final album, 2013’s 13.

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