Name That Tune 2017

Know your tunes, name those tunes, see the tunes!  Get your free concert tickets to the hottest shows from KOOL 105 as we play KOOL’s Name That Tune.  You know it’ll be a song you love, because it’s song we play on KOOL! Your first chance to play comes up Monday Morning at 7:40 with Winston and Mel.

The first chance to win will be every weekday morning at 7:40 with Winston and Mel.  We will play it several times throughout the day,  As few as 3 as many as 6 times! We will play 7:40a to 6p Monday Thru Friday.

We will play a small clip of a KOOL 105 song, then we will take the 10th caller at 303-504-0105.  That caller has a chance to “Name That Tune”…if they do, they win a pair of concert tickets that we name leading into that contest.  If they do not guess both title and artist correct, they do not win…and we will play that same clip for the next time we play the contest.  Playing each time until we get a winner of that clip…meaning only one try per contest.   Once we get a winner, we start playing the contest with a new clip.