Jim Berry – Afternoons 3 to 7


5 Questions for Jim – Winner of the 2021 Colorado Broadcasters Association Best Afternoon Show Award of Excellence!

If you weren’t a Radio Jock…what would you be?  
If I was smart I would be a surgeon, I love needles and all that stuff.  I once watched my own knee surgery!  If I had the talent, I’d be playing golf for a living, that would be fun too!

What makes you laugh the hardest? 
When my three girls are being goofy, laughing at stupid stuff, it is so infectious.

What is something most people don’t know about you? 
I am a sucker for romantic movies, I cry every time.

What do you do for fun? 
Cook!  I love making a great Italian dish while listening to Sinatra, Deano or Buble’ while sipping on a great glass of wine.

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your radio career?  
Doing play by play for two state championship football games of the high school I attended, and broadcasting from the parking lot for 14 hours after 9/11 and raising nearly a million dollars for the disaster relief effort.


Jim's Blog

Star Struck…Not Me…Well, Maybe A Little

I have never been a person to be “star struck” or in “awe” of a big celebrity, I never saw the purpose of feeling that way.  Because of what I do, I have met several big name celebrities including people you know like former Denver Broncos and NFL Hall of Fame Players John Elway and Terrel Davis. I have also met an befriended other celebrities that may not be as well-known like John Ashton, who most people know from his officer Taggart role in Beverly Hills Cop, who is an amazing movie role player.

When I happen to see a celebrity out in public, I usually go about my business and leave them alone to enjoy their day or evening.  Until last week when I was in Scottsdale, Arizona and ran across Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills Quarterback Jim Kelly.  I was at one of the outside fire pits enjoying a cocktail like many people were, when I looked over across the couch and there he was doing the same.  I wasn’t in awe of his celebrity status because of his football history, but more how he had used his celebrity status after his career ended. My girlfriend had no idea who he was, so I had to explain.  I told her, “he’s a hall of fame quarterback, that like me survived cancer…not once, but twice.  He’s used his fame to chronicle what he went through, laying in a hospital bed with one of his daughters so sick he could barely move.  He used his faith, strong will, and loving support of his family and friends to get through it all.  In an interview, he once even looked up to heaven and told God, “Ok, Uncle, you got me.”  Of course, in telling her his story he overheard me and I introduced myself and told him how inspirational his cancer story had been to me.  He immediately asked, “You’re a survivor, aren’t you?”  I said, “Yes sir, stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor.”  He then looked over at the waitress and said, “their drinks are on me.”  Jim Kelly, celebrity because of his quarterback caree, but hero of mine because of his ability to share his cancer story.  Either way, a total class act.  By the way Mr. Kelly, thanks for the drink!  Cheers!


What have you done to embarrass yourself?

With me, this is a subject that could go on and on.  I do a lot of really stupid things. A lot of those come due to rushing to do something or maybe being overly nervous or in this case too excited.

If you did not know, I just had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee.  The rehab has been quite the task; and after nearly 3 months of all the stretches and exercises, it was time to test it on the golf course.  Sure, I had hit a few range balls with nothing bigger than a 7 iron, (Dr.’s orders), but now it was time to get out the big dog and see where I was in my recovery.  The whole reason for getting the knew knee was to play more golf with a lot less pain.  So I was out early before my 9 hole tee time, got ready, warmed up nicely on the range and putting green; and teed it up on the 1st hole to stripe it right down the middle.  Wow, what a great feeling!  I pared the first hole, and played ok!   Sure, there were lots of bogies and double bogies, but I sure felt good playing again.  Finally, on the 9th and final hole for my round, I looked down only to see I had put on two different shoes!  As soon as I noticed it, so did the 3 guys they paired me with that day.  On my left foot was a tennis shoe, on the right a golf shoe.  At least they were both white…ish.  I was so excited to go play, I didn’t even notice I had put my tennis show back on, instead of my golf shoe.  Embarrassing, right?!?     Quite frankly, I didn’t care.  I was playing the game I loved again.  The game I gave up 3 months and an old knee just to play again.

So yes, we all do embarrassing things from time to time; but don’t let it overwhelm you.  Instead, have a good laugh about it and know the only thing that was damaged; was your ego.  Trust me, your ego can take it.  As I always tell my co-workers…it’s just radio…nobody is going to lose a leg.  It’s not like we’re surgeons, but I’m sure glad my doctor and his team made sure they don’t make the same mistakes that I do.


Be Positive!

Yay….my blog is working again!  I’m back baby to tell you how great life can be if you choose for it to be that way.  When we were teenagers, we all thought the world was coming to an end, and unfair, and parents just don’t understand…right?  Guess what…teenagers still feel that way, (and it’s been a long time since I have had teenagers or even longer since I have been a teenager).  I try to tell the teenagers of my friends and family that you can choose to be happy, and that everything is not as bad as you may think it is. I try to tell anyone who will listen that is the case.  If you choose to be happy and positive you will be, no matter the circumstance.

Those of you who know me, know I am a Stage IV cancer survivor.  Yes, I beat the odds and lived.  I lived through all the Chemo and how sick it made me and wouldn’t trade any of those experiences.  It helped me achieve my positivity and happiness now.  That positivity helped me get my dream job as Program Director and on-air personality at KOOL 105.  It helped me help my kids through their tough times, it helped me land an amazing companion; and now it has helped me get through knee replacement surgery so I can enjoy golf, riding bikes, and being pain free walking from sample to sample at wine tastings!  So be positive, be thankful, and be positive.  It will start you on a path of happiness, but only if you choose it first.