What have you done to embarrass yourself?

With me, this is a subject that could go on and on.  I do a lot of really stupid things. A lot of those come due to rushing to do something or maybe being overly nervous or in this case too excited.

If you did not know, I just had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee.  The rehab has been quite the task; and after nearly 3 months of all the stretches and exercises, it was time to test it on the golf course.  Sure, I had hit a few range balls with nothing bigger than a 7 iron, (Dr.’s orders), but now it was time to get out the big dog and see where I was in my recovery.  The whole reason for getting the knew knee was to play more golf with a lot less pain.  So I was out early before my 9 hole tee time, got ready, warmed up nicely on the range and putting green; and teed it up on the 1st hole to stripe it right down the middle.  Wow, what a great feeling!  I pared the first hole, and played ok!   Sure, there were lots of bogies and double bogies, but I sure felt good playing again.  Finally, on the 9th and final hole for my round, I looked down only to see I had put on two different shoes!  As soon as I noticed it, so did the 3 guys they paired me with that day.  On my left foot was a tennis shoe, on the right a golf shoe.  At least they were both white…ish.  I was so excited to go play, I didn’t even notice I had put my tennis show back on, instead of my golf shoe.  Embarrassing, right?!?     Quite frankly, I didn’t care.  I was playing the game I loved again.  The game I gave up 3 months and an old knee just to play again.

So yes, we all do embarrassing things from time to time; but don’t let it overwhelm you.  Instead, have a good laugh about it and know the only thing that was damaged; was your ego.  Trust me, your ego can take it.  As I always tell my co-workers…it’s just radio…nobody is going to lose a leg.  It’s not like we’re surgeons, but I’m sure glad my doctor and his team made sure they don’t make the same mistakes that I do.