by Kevin McGowan posted May 13 2015 10:29AM
You want proof that dogs are social animals? Here it is.

by LaLaine posted May 6 2015 1:31PM

It started with the adorable invite from my son...

I wanted to share a few pics from last night's Mother Son Date Night with Home Depot & Chick fil A at 52nd & Wadsworth in Arvada it was so AWESOME!

What a great idea! We saw many Mothers and Sons of ALL ages spending some fun time together. We had dinner, FREE dessert, we did crafts that Home Depot provided while the COW from Chick fil A socialized with one and all!

Thank you Chick fil A and Home Depot for a fun night out with my son!

by Kevin McGowan posted Apr 28 2015 9:58AM
Here's wishing you and your family lots of good times by the pool this year.

by Kevin McGowan posted Apr 21 2015 10:20AM
Is is dusty in here, or is someone cutting onions again?

by Jim Berry posted Apr 8 2015 3:52PM
The time is approaching fast and I have procrastinated long enough.  Time to finally buckle down and get all those receipts together and get my taxes done.  I don' t want to, but as they say the only thing you can not avoid are "death and taxes."  So I found these tips that have helped me, maybe if you are just getting started they may help you too.

Before you file your tax return:
Yes, it's income tax time, with the April 15th deadline just about a month away, it's time to check that tax return to see if you made one of the six mistakes that might trigger an IRS audit:
   --Mistake number one: Hiring the wrong tax preparer. By this, we mean if you hire someone who's incompetent or unethical, and the IRS audits one of returns they filed and finds significant problems, they could decide to audit all the returns that person prepared for the year or the past several years.
   --Mistake number two: saying your hobby is a business.
   The IRS looks carefully at your returns if you declare losses on stuff like selling stuff through eBay or making things you sell at crafts shows. Turns out if you haven't made money in three years, you may have a hobby, and the IRS doesn't allow business deductions for hobbies.
   --Mistake number three: taking questionable deductions or credits.
   Keep records of those charity deductions... and try not to inflate the value of the stuff you gave to the thrift store. And be careful your "home office" isn't merely a communal desk that everybody in the family uses.
   --Mistake number four: claiming a loss from a rental.
   Are you lucky enough to own a place you rent out? If you find the rent doesn't quite cover the mortgage and taxes, you may assume you're entitled to take a deduction for the losses. But better consult an expert because rental owners seem to be a target for IRS audits.
   --Mistake number five: failing to claim all your income. You can't escape those pesky 1099 forms, so if the company you did a job for files one, that money you thought you didn't have to declare could put you in the hot seat. Ditto not declaring alimony, especially if your ex- decides to put it on theirs. You get the idea.
   --Mistake number six: making math errors. This one's easy, so simply double-check your figures, which could avoid a personal session with the IRS... or your accountant.
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by Kevin McGowan posted Apr 2 2015 10:30AM
Courtesy of this guy's discovery while on a smoke break.

by Kevin McGowan posted Mar 25 2015 10:02AM
You know what they entertainment is the best entertainment.

by LaLaine posted Mar 24 2015 9:43AM
Angelina Jolie  has written vividly in the past about her health – 2013 Times op-ed about her double mastectomy.  Yesterday,  Angelina opened up about her recent difficult decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after a cancer scare.   

Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery -

Reading about her experience, brings back so many feelings and memories about my own survivorship.  I'm glad she's sharing her journey because it is a journey!  She's such an amazing strong woman, wife and mother.  


by Kevin McGowan posted Mar 23 2015 10:01AM
My male friends tell me I pick my tournament teams like a girl. They're right. I love March Madness, but in the absence of a bracket or a favorite school, I need to have a superficial, stupid reason to like or dislike something in the game I'm watching. Of the sixteen squads remaining, I've got something for or against nearly all of them. It's easier than it seems. My niece goes to UCLA--go Bruins! I lived in Wisconsin for a couple years, so I've got to love the Badgers, especially when their star is a guy called Frank the Tank. On the other side, if you can't find a reason to hate Duke, you're just not trying. Despite my Irish heritage, the whole Notre Dame thing makes me cringe. And I have far too many Facebook friends who refer to the Kentucky Wildcats as "we". Enough said. Feel free to come up with your own. Remember, the dumber the better. Find a uniform color you like or a coach's hairstyle you don't. I promise it'll make the rest of the tournament more fun.
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by LaLaine posted Mar 12 2015 3:29PM

This viral video captures the reunion between a US Army soldier and his dog on the day he returned home after seven months in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Paul DiPaolo embraces Simba in this YouTube clip which was filmed in June but only recently posted online.  I could watch this over and over, it melts my heart! -LaLaine   #MansBestFriend

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