by LaLaine posted Nov 25 2014 5:59PM
The TEASER is finally here...

Jurassic World - Official Trailer
The Park Is Open June 12

by Kevin McGowan posted Nov 25 2014 7:58AM
Find out what it feels like thanks to a GoPro camera.

by Kevin McGowan posted Nov 21 2014 9:05AM
Lauren O'Brien channels more than a dozen celebrities behind the wheel.

by Jim Berry posted Nov 20 2014 3:01PM
It's the American Cancer Society's big quit-smoking event, the Great American Smokeout. As a Cancer Survivor who NEVER smoked, but was exposed to tons of second hand smoke as a child and young adult, I know how bad it really is for you. Here's more proof. U.S. News & World Report says cigarettes cause more than 127-thousand deaths from lung cancer each year in the United States. So whether you do it today or on some other day, here are some steps you can take to help yourself quit smoking:

--Set a quit date. Make it one that gives you enough time to prepare. That includes telling family and friends so they can support you and hold you accountable.
--Make a plan. You can either quit cold turkey, if that suits you. Or try to smoke fewer cigarettes as your "quit day" approaches to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Your plan can also include deciding whether to use nicotine-replacement products, medications, join a stop-smoking class, attend Nicotine Anonymous meetings or rely on books.
--Make small changes. Get rid of ashtrays in your home and car; stock up on things sugarless gum, hard candy or carrot. Practice saying "No thank you, I don't smoke," when offered a cigarette.
--Don't smoke on your quit day. Keep yourself occupied and avoid situations where you'll have a strong desire to smoke.
--Don't give in to rationalizations, like "I'll have just one cigarette to get me through this situation" or "Everyone dies of something" or "How bad is smoking, really?" Be prepared by having distractions to redirect your thoughts when your own brain starts working against you.
--Don't get discouraged if you slip up. Use what you learn from a slip up to improve your chances of success next time you try to quit.

I watched my father, brother and many friends quit, go back, quit again and struggle daily while around other smokers. I realize it's hard, but if you don't do it for you, do it for those you love. Quit Today.
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by Kevin McGowan posted Nov 20 2014 8:57AM
As a former yorkie owner, this one made me laugh. They may be little and cute, but they're plenty mean, as this would-be burglar found out.

by LaLaine posted Nov 19 2014 2:17PM
Watch this father try his best to keep it all in...

As parents to a young son, my husband and I have found ourselves in the same predicament many times!
It's AWESOME isn't it? It's hard to remain serious when all you want to do is LAUGH OUT LOUD! #GoodTimes #PricelessVideo
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by Kevin McGowan posted Nov 19 2014 11:04AM
An excuse not to do a chore? You don't have to tell me twice. The National Wildlife Federation is encouraging people not to rake their leaves because they serve as an important habitat for all manner of small critters who eat, lay eggs or just chill in them once they've fallen to the ground. Done. If I can burnish my environmentalist credentials while being lazy, I'm all for it. Can we also find eco-friendly reasons to not shovel snow, mow the lawn or do the laundry now? Get to work on those, National Wildlife Federation. I'm counting on you to free up more time for watching football.
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by Jim Berry posted Nov 18 2014 4:27PM
The halls are decked in stores around America and Thanksgiving is less than 10 days away. Will you be hosting your nearest and dearest this season? Make sure your shindig is a smash with these ideas from
1. Someone Brings Up Politics or Religion. This is no time to be smooth --obviously change the subject and make a joke out of it. Too shy to speak up? Switch the music and throw on some bouncy, banging show tunes or BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.
2. Someone Criticizes the Food or Music. Resist the urge to defend yourself --offer the guest a sandwich or see if people want to throw their iPhone into the iPod dock.
3. Someone Shows Up Uninvited or without RSVP'ing. It may be rude, but it's your job to make sure guests have a good time. Add another place setting, divide up the portions and roll with it. If you're nervous, phone everyone on your guest list two days before.
4. Someone Spills or Breaks Something. Don't flip out when red wine is doused on your cream rug --this is what happens when you mix alcohol and crowds. Have cleaning supplies ready and don't make a big deal out of it, the guest probably feels horrible as it is. Stow away heirlooms and collectibles before the bash and consider serving clear beverages if you're worried about the carpet.
5. Someone Drinks Too Much. If they're out of control, take them to the other room and offer a cab or sober ride home. Make sure people don't drink on an empty stomach by serving lots of hors d'oeuvres.
6. You Run Out of Food or Drinks. Bring out food in phases --it takes 20 minutes for people to realize they're full. If you need more grub, pop a few frozen pizzas in the oven and serve on elegant trays.
7. Someone Acts Sexually Inappropriate with Another Guest. Harmless flirtations are one thing --unwanted advances are another. You may have to pull the offender into another room and ask they stay far away from the object of their affection.
8. Someone Shows Up Super-Early or Just Won't Leave. Put early birds to work making the salad and thank diehards for showing up while steering them toward the door.
9. Someone Brings Children to an Adults-Only Gathering. State on the invite that this is a strictly grown-up event, then apologize for the misunderstanding and ask them to bring their children home.
10. A Guest Tells a Dirty or Racist Joke. It's okay to call out the guest in public --you have an obligation as host to make sure everyone is courteous and nothing ruins a party faster than an untamed, obnoxious guest.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck!
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by Kevin McGowan posted Nov 18 2014 3:17PM
No, that isn't a sarcastic headline. My visit lasted all of ten minutes and I was helped by a friendly, personable, stereotype-busting gentleman at my window. I have to return later this week to take care of my wife's car and I'm not even dreading it a little. Things have changed a lot since the days when getting your car registered meant taking half a day off from work. The best news about scratching this chore of my list is the fact that the busbody parking garage attendants at our building will no longer feel compelled to affix a sticker to my Idaho license plate reminding me that I have 90 days to register my vehicle after moving to Colorado. This happened twice. Would it be rude of me to slap a friendly "suck it" sticker on my new Colorado tags?
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by LaLaine posted Nov 18 2014 2:15PM
Courtesy of Fox Family Entertainment

SNOOPY in a new teaser trailer for the animated "
Peanuts" movie, comes out Nov. 6, 2015.

Everyone has that special character they connected with while growing up and some still do!
My husband was obsessed with Tiger! I on the other hand, adored SNOOPY since I can remember! When I was a litte girl, I was obsessed with drawing him on top of his little red dog house.
Oh, how he use to put a smile on my face. I can't wait to share SNOOPY and the Peanuts gang with our 8 year old son on the big screen! We'll have to wait a while, "Peanuts" movie, comes out Nov. 6, 2015.

What was your favorite cartoon character and why? Come on, share here or our FB page KOOL105 or Tweet me @LaLaineKOOL105
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