by Kevin McGowan posted Mar 3 2015 10:49AM
He's Trent Harris. He's two. He sings the national anthem at basketball games.

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by Jim Berry posted Feb 27 2015 4:30PM
Many of you have been following my Cancer story for the past months and some of you even years, may know that I have to get a PET scan every 5 to 6 months to make sure it has not returned.  Today I had the scan.  It's always hard to go through these, because after being told it would come back, you almost expect it every time.  When you're back hurts you think it may be back, when your shoulder hurts you think it may be back, every dry bloody nose, every cold, every...well, everything the thought crosses your mind as a cancer patient.  So you go through the process, no eating and nothing but water after midnight.  You arrive and they pump you through of a sugar nuclear cocktail to light you up, then you sit in silence for 45 minutes before you get on the scanner, the tube that encircles you for the next 30 minutes.  Then, you wait and wait and wait for the results.  The first Scan it took a few days to find out, the fourth about a week.  Today, I called them to remind them to let me know as soon as they knew the results.  I just got off the phone a while ago to hear the good news.  STILL CLEAR, STILL CLEAN!  The only thing they saw is my arthritic back, which my daughter pointed out just means I'm getting old, which a couple of years ago seemed like a dream.  So to those who are dealing with the big C, either as a survivor, care taker, or whatever; know that you can beat this!  Jimmy V said it best,  “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”  I haven't and I hope I inspire you to do the same!
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by LaLaine posted Feb 26 2015 2:46PM
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by Kevin McGowan posted Feb 26 2015 10:36AM
You need the Face Blanket. And you need to see the commercial. Trust me.

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by Kevin McGowan posted Feb 23 2015 11:03AM
Then enjoy this family giving a ride to a hitchhicker in their kayak.

by Jim Berry posted Feb 20 2015 3:54PM
Yes they are!  Birthdays are most certainly a big deal.  I know as we get older, we tend to blow birthdays off as "just another day older."  I used to think that way too.  Not anymore.  Birthday's became more special to me, because for a while there, I wasn't sure if I was going to get to have another one.  If you know me, you've probably heard my cancer story and being told I would have 6 months to two years to live. (FYI that was over 2 1/2 years ago and I'm still in remission thank you God).  SO YES, birthdays are more special for me; but I realize that they are also special for my 3 daughters, and my friends and family.  What I would love for you to realize, is they should be special to you as well.  First of all, you never know if this birthday will be your last; and second they are a milestone of achievement in your life.  You made it to this age, and you can look back on each birthday and how you have grown and become wiser.  Think for a moment if your next birthday was going to be your last.  What would you do?  Who would you want to make sure knew you loved and appreciate them?  How differently would you live?  I am the luckiest person on earth, because I live and think this way everyday.  I would like you to know that feeling too. Happy Birthday to me this weekend!  Happy Birthday to you and my birthday wish to you is to celebrate life while you are still here to enjoy it!
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by Kevin McGowan posted Feb 20 2015 10:15AM
Bringing your dog to work when you're a TV weather man, for example.

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by Kevin McGowan posted Feb 18 2015 11:50AM
What's worse than the plow walling in your driveway right after you've shoveled it? This.

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by Kevin McGowan posted Feb 16 2015 10:26AM
Make that my cheesy, low-budget valentine. My wife and I have never been big on conventional Valentine's Day gift exchanges. In years past, we would make it a point to at least go out for a nice dinner. Then that became a giant hassle, as we competed with the rest of the world for a table at an hour closer to mealtime than bedtime. A few years ago on February 14th, Renee swung by our local Papa Murphy's for a take and bake pizza in the shape of a heart. We both had a good laugh and a good meal. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong with pizza? A tradition was born. Why is my wife a keeper? Because she's perfectly happy with an $8.00 Valentine's present that I get to eat half of, that's why. I'm already looking forward to next year's celebration. In the meantime, I've got some leftovers in the fridge calling my name.
by Jim Berry posted Feb 13 2015 4:28PM
  The very sexy, every one talking about it, "50 Shades Of Grey" movie out in theaters this Holiday weekend, someone sent me something I thought I would share.  It's how to turn a man's head.  And yes it is a bit sexy, but nothing like the movie.  What do you think?  It's from it can't be wrong...can it?

Valentine's Day is almost here and if you're still waiting for Mr. Right, you're not alone! The romantic divas over at Cosmopolitan magazine spoke with biological anthropologist Dr. HELEN FISHER, who gave the mag a few hints on how to really turn a man's head!
   1. Your Posture. Heels help your figure get into lordosis --the spinal posture where your hind quarters face up and your back is arched. This pose attracts guys .
    2. Your Scent. German researchers discovered that our bodies put off a natural scent to help us find suitors with strong immune systems.
   3. Your Smile. Flash him those pearly whites for instant attraction. People naturally mimic a grin, which stimulate the nerves that produce feel-good hormones in the brain.
   4. Your Gaze. Those peepers are magical --so use them. Looking into a man's eyes for two-to-three seconds flips a primitive switch that makes him either react or retreat.
   5. Your Teeth. A new study from discovered that guys are looking for a woman with nice teeth. Choppers can indicate a lot about a person like their age, health, personal habits and if they eat healthy.
   6. Your Hair. Much like your teeth, your 'do says a lot about your health. Shiny, bouncy locks are a sign of youth and fertility, which subconsciously scream that you can carry on his genes.

Well if nothing else it was worth a laugh.  Happy Valentine's Day, and remember...if you love yourself first, so will everyone else.
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