by Kevin McGowan posted Mar 25 2015 10:02AM
You know what they entertainment is the best entertainment.

by LaLaine posted Mar 24 2015 9:43AM
Angelina Jolie has written vividly in the past about her health – 2013 Times op-ed about her double mastectomy. Yesterday, Angelina opened up about her recent difficult decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after a cancer scare.

Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery -

Reading about her experience, brings back so many feelings and memories about my own survivorship. I'm glad she's sharing her journey because it is a journey! She's such an amazing strong woman, wife and mother.


by Kevin McGowan posted Mar 23 2015 10:01AM
My male friends tell me I pick my tournament teams like a girl. They're right. I love March Madness, but in the absence of a bracket or a favorite school, I need to have a superficial, stupid reason to like or dislike something in the game I'm watching. Of the sixteen squads remaining, I've got something for or against nearly all of them. It's easier than it seems. My niece goes to UCLA--go Bruins! I lived in Wisconsin for a couple years, so I've got to love the Badgers, especially when their star is a guy called Frank the Tank. On the other side, if you can't find a reason to hate Duke, you're just not trying. Despite my Irish heritage, the whole Notre Dame thing makes me cringe. And I have far too many Facebook friends who refer to the Kentucky Wildcats as "we". Enough said. Feel free to come up with your own. Remember, the dumber the better. Find a uniform color you like or a coach's hairstyle you don't. I promise it'll make the rest of the tournament more fun.
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by LaLaine posted Mar 12 2015 3:29PM

This viral video captures the reunion between a US Army soldier and his dog on the day he returned home after seven months in Afghanistan. Sgt. Paul DiPaolo embraces Simba in this YouTube clip which was filmed in June but only recently posted online. I could watch this over and over, it melts my heart! -LaLaine #MansBestFriend

by Jim Berry posted Mar 11 2015 5:26PM
Music has been an amazing part of my life. I was in church and school choir, played the piano and trombone, and of course records, tapes, CDs, and computer song lists as a DJ. I appreciate all music, and actually like most types. Music is a big part of your life too. School song, wedding song, first song you did this or that to is all part of your makeup. So when I heard the perfect beats, the perfect synchronization of "Stomp" at the Buell Theater last night, I was in musical bliss. It's amazing how this group of young men and women can perfectly get brooms, trash cans, barrels, and anything else they could find to pound on, including the kitchen sink, and make it sound so perfect. Every step, thump, click, swish...absolutely perfect. I remember all of the hours and hours of practice just to memorize one song took; and these musicians are doing two hours of perfection with a little comic relief added. Amazing!!! You've got to see it, and hear it for yourself. "Stomp" is here at the Denver Performing Arts Complex through this Sunday, March 15th. Go and enjoy the music!
by LaLaine posted Mar 11 2015 10:25AM
Derek and Hansel are headed back to the big screen in "Zoolander 2" opening Feb 12, 2016.
#BlueSteel #SoHotRightNow

by Kevin McGowan posted Mar 3 2015 10:49AM
He's Trent Harris. He's two. He sings the national anthem at basketball games.

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by Jim Berry posted Feb 27 2015 4:30PM
Many of you have been following my Cancer story for the past months and some of you even years, may know that I have to get a PET scan every 5 to 6 months to make sure it has not returned.  Today I had the scan.  It's always hard to go through these, because after being told it would come back, you almost expect it every time.  When you're back hurts you think it may be back, when your shoulder hurts you think it may be back, every dry bloody nose, every cold, every...well, everything the thought crosses your mind as a cancer patient.  So you go through the process, no eating and nothing but water after midnight.  You arrive and they pump you through of a sugar nuclear cocktail to light you up, then you sit in silence for 45 minutes before you get on the scanner, the tube that encircles you for the next 30 minutes.  Then, you wait and wait and wait for the results.  The first Scan it took a few days to find out, the fourth about a week.  Today, I called them to remind them to let me know as soon as they knew the results.  I just got off the phone a while ago to hear the good news.  STILL CLEAR, STILL CLEAN!  The only thing they saw is my arthritic back, which my daughter pointed out just means I'm getting old, which a couple of years ago seemed like a dream.  So to those who are dealing with the big C, either as a survivor, care taker, or whatever; know that you can beat this!  Jimmy V said it best,  “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”  I haven't and I hope I inspire you to do the same!
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by LaLaine posted Feb 26 2015 2:46PM
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by Kevin McGowan posted Feb 26 2015 10:36AM
You need the Face Blanket. And you need to see the commercial. Trust me.

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