by Lalaine Bill posted Jan 29 2015 2:30PM

Teen Seahawks fan Daniel Duncan got news that just about every Seattle football fan would love to get -- he's going to the Super Bowl.

To add to the surprise, arranged by Make-A-Wish, the message came from none other than Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, one of Daniel's favorite players.

Daniel was originally supposed to attend next year's game, but a life-threatening condition that affects his eyesight spurred Make-A-Wish officials to get him to the Super Bowl this year. #GoodNews
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by Kevin McGowan posted Jan 28 2015 10:41AM
He's dropped more than 50k turning his house into a feline amusement park.

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by Kevin McGowan posted Jan 27 2015 10:10AM
It's what Peyton Manning offers in the new NFL Bad Lip Reading video.

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by Jim Berry posted Jan 26 2015 4:08PM
Like many of you, I caught the "bug" last week. It caused me to miss one day of work, and feel really bad on the following two days. If you did not know, I still get infusions for breast cancer. The drugs are antibodies that break down rouge blood cells to keep cancer from coming back. Unfortunately they break down good "get healthy" blood cells too. So after I received my infusion Friday morning by Friday night I knew I would feel lousy. So instead of dreading it, I embraced it. I made plans to do nothing but enjoy soup, cheese and crackers and lots of tube time; and that's exactly what I did. Yes I took a lot of flu pills and drank a ton of power aids, (and maybe a couple of beers); and watched all the "Newsweek" episodes I was behind on. My point, if you're going to be sick, you might as well take advantage of your couch time!
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by Kevin McGowan posted Jan 23 2015 9:53AM
Jesse Wright
...but my first in years. I forgot how fun they are. How can you go wrong hanging out with listeners, co-workers, cowboys and cattle at the Stock Show? Mutton bustin' is always a kick. Nothing like watching a 7-year-old hugging a sheep for dear life and hearing the crowd go nuts when the kid makes it to the other side of the arena. My favorite part, however, was the PA announcer who showed the adult competitors no mercy, openly insulting them if they didn't perform up to snuff. It was like a Comedy Central roast broke out at the rodeo. You could tell this guy was not brought up in the phony self-esteem, everybody-gets-a-trophy-just-for-showing-up generation. You want praise from him, you have to earn it. That is the American way, after all, and a fitting sentiment for what is probably the most American of sports.
by Jim Berry posted Jan 22 2015 3:43PM
One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to get more organized. So I started surfing the web for some tips. This top 10 list from Marie Kondo seemed to be one of the better to help if your resolution is to get organized too. Best of luck!

Top-10 organizing tips:
Is 2015 the year you're really gonna get organized? Professional clutter-buster and author of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" MARIE KONDO is here to help with the top 10 organizing tips from an expert.
1. Set the date. Plan a "tidying festival," start in the morning and prepare to have a "dialogue with yourself" --no TV, help from friends or distractions.
2. Follow the order. Sort by category, not location. Begin with clothing, then books, papers, miscellaneous "stuff" and finally mementos.
3. Dump it all out. Lay everything out on the floor to face the volume of what you've accumulated.
4. Toss, toss, toss. Grab some garbage bags and ask yourself: "Does this bring me joy?" If the answer is no, toss it... unless it's Grandma's ashes or tax receipts.
5. Develop a zero-tolerance policy. Say goodbye to spare buttons, unread books, gifts you don't truly love, cosmetic samples, any kind of manual or cords you can't identify.
6. Have no mercy toward paperwork. Throw it all away except for current bills, tax receipts or things you'll need indefinitely --like your lease or mortgage.
7. Edit your photo collection. This will be the last thing you sort and see if they make you happy. Unexciting shots of scenery that you can't remember belong in the garbage, keep vacation photos to five prints per-day for the trip.
8. Say a proper goodbye. Thank each item for their service and give everything a dignified send-off.
9. Master the fold. Fold clothes into rectangles, then store them standing up to maximize space.
10. Don't buy storage equipment. This could be the best rule of all --Marie's favorite tool is an empty shoebox and lids to store everything from shampoo to cake pans and stockings.
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by Kevin McGowan posted Jan 22 2015 10:59AM
Of course it's Denver. How could this mini-drama have ended any differently? When Peyton Manning hobbled his way through the end of the regular season and his forgettable playoff performance helped hasten John Fox's departure, it was understandable that questions and speculation swirled all over Colorado and the NFL. Still, if you're Peyton and you presumably have a choice in the matter, why wouldn't you want to come back? Even if this were a money matter--it's not-- he wouldn't be making 20 million anywhere else next season. As fierce a competitor as you'll find in any sport, he certainly doesn't want to end his career on a down note (see: Favre, Brett). As for Gary Kubiak and the Broncos, I think they realize that a 39-year-old Manning is better than any available quarterback. It's not as if there's a surplus of game-ready youngsters just raring to go. The situation in Green Bay where Aaron Rodgers got his chance later than he deserved was the exception, not the rule (see: Favre, Brett). A rested, recuperated and motivated Peyton plus a new coach with a long history in Denver equals optimism from this fan in 2015.
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by LaLaine posted Jan 21 2015 9:37AM

Dang it I need a tissue!
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by LaLaine posted Jan 20 2015 2:45PM
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