by Lalaine KXKL posted Jul 23 2015 3:09PM

Last night's "Sharknado 3" on SyFy ended with a CLIFFHANGER!!!  Tara Reid's character April had a baby inside a shark, then possibly died after sawing herself out.

SyFy started a Twitter campaign to see if Reid's character lives to see "Sharknado 4" or if she dies. Fans also can vote on the network's website.  

So, inquiring minds want to know which hashtag did you choose?  
#AprilLives OR #AprilDies #Sharknado3

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by Kevin McGowan posted Jul 17 2015 10:46AM
Believe it or not, this didn't take place at somebody's back yard in Boulder. It's a wildlife sanctuary in Florida.

by Lalaine KXKL posted Jul 9 2015 4:15PM
While sleeping last night, I was awakened by the most excruciating painful CHARLEY HORSE ever!  Thank goodness it happened while my husband was at the firehouse and my son was at a sleepover or else they would have seen and heard me try to make the CHARLEY HORSE go away (which was not a pretty sight)!  I've only experienced a CHARLEY HORSE a few times in my life so far, but this one hurt soooo BAD!  During the ordeal, I woke up our dog and he came over and looked at me like...Lady your CRAZY,why are whining and acting weird!  Thank goodness there wasn't an embarrassing video of the whole CHARLEY HORSE event!  

I know, I know...drink lots of water and eat a banana!

Click here for some helpful CHARLEY HORSE tips...

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by Kevin McGowan posted Jul 9 2015 10:06AM
You think you'd be able to trust your housemate not to rat you out. You'd be wrong.

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by Kevin McGowan posted Jul 7 2015 10:49AM
...Dad steps up.

by LaLaine KXKL posted Jun 29 2015 5:46PM
Disney'sTeen Beach 2 came out on DVD on Friday and they were kind enough to send me a copy.  Being a mom I knew my 9 year old son would be so excited, when I got home!  I told him, "Guess what Mommy has...TEEN BEACH 2"!  Oh my, he was excited!  So it began, our "Teen Beach 2" weekend viewing.  He loved it and so did I!  It was just like the first one, a great mix of West Side Story ala Grease and High School Musical. My son ate up every bit of it!  So much so, he asked if we could watch it again and again.  Like the first one, I've now memorized songs and dance moves!  So, just in case you haven't watched the sequel yet with your kids, get ready to sing and dance along to "Teen Beach 2" another catchy musical from Disney...Darn it!

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by Lalaine posted Jun 25 2015 4:05PM

Watch: Mama rabbit rescue baby bunny's from snake in epic fight, she goes "Matrix" on the reptile!  Don't mess with Mama Bunny!!!!!

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by LaLaine posted Jun 23 2015 2:31PM

Over eight million people follow PENTATONIX, and their newest video is called the "Evolution of Michael Jackson", where they do 25 different songs in the order they came out. They only do parts of them, so the whole thing is about five minutes long.   

Evolution of MICHAEL JACKSON by Pentatonix...


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by LaLaine posted Jun 22 2015 4:12PM

Watch adorable Golden Retriever puppies race for dinner in 9-month time-lapse video, enjoy!

by Jim Berry posted Jun 22 2015 3:13PM
Father's Day when my daughters were little was about the hand print in plaster on a paper plate, or the ash tray from art class I never used, (I never smoked, but still have both).  Today its about spending time with my girls, and even though one is living in Michigan, the other two were here to help deliver all the presents.  The first was being picked up and taken to a beauty salon to get a manicure and pedicure.  I never get one of these myself, because I believe I can take care of those split nails, and jagged edges myself.  Women don't think that way.  By the way at Ella Bliss Beauty Bar on Broadway, they do that while you enjoy a glass of wine, or in my case a barley pop.  After that it was on to my favorite Pizza place, Denver Deep Dish up on 38th in the highlands.  We enjoyed a masterpiece on their deck.  From there downtown to the Pavilions where I enjoyed a frosty cold beer while watching the U.S... Open. (Yes there was a theme here...get Dad a beer).  It wasn't finished there, the youngest then cooked me an amazing dinner complete with grilled corn, steak, and chocolate covered strawberries.  Amazing.  All of my daughters are so different.  The oldest is an A personality seller, the middle a preachers' wife math teacher, and the third a socialite army private.  I would not want them to be any other way than the way they are, and that is VERY good to their dad on Father's Day.
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