July 29, 2014
6:57 pm
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Colorado Council for Economic Education
Stock Market Experience Program
The Colorado Council for Economic Education (CCEE) envisions a world in which each school-age child will learn the fundamental decision-making skills necessary to realize his or her full potential. Since 1971, CCEE has empowered K-12 students with economic and personal financial education by providing training programs and classroom resources to teachers and school districts.
Our most popular program is the Stock Market Experience™ (SME) which is an online investment simulation for Colorado students, grades 3-12. Teams of students from schools all over Colorado compete to see who can earn the highest return over the course of a semester with a virtual $100,000 portfolio by investing in real-time stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities and more.
This fun and innovative financial program offers students an engaging, hands-on method to learn about the stock market, personal finance, and economics. SME is aligned with the Colorado academic standards for Personal Financial Literacy (PFL), which is included in the annual student performance tests.  Students are recognized at the end of the school year at our Annual SME Awards ceremony at the Denver Zoo, with a fun-filled day and wonderful prizes.
The Stock Market Experience™ debuted in 2002 with more than 7,000 participants and grew to more than 30,000 this past school year. Nearly 30% of the participating schools qualify as Title 1, which means that 50% or more of the students receive free and reduced lunch and/or 50% or more have minority demographics.
If you or an educator you know is interested in learning more, visit www.stockmarketexperience.org or call Nicole at 303-832-4764.  For more information about Colorado Council for Economic Education, visit www.ccee.net or call 303-752-2323.
The Daniels Fund is honored to partner with KOOL105 in recognizing an outstanding nonprofit organization each month as the “KOOL Cause of the Month.”  For more information about Daniels Fund, visit www.DanielsFund.org.  
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