April 27, 2015
6:02 am
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Annie was treated to an amazing night to see NYC we want families to get out and see an amazing show and make lasting memories in this amazing city we call home! What is more memorable than getting dressed up and seeing some live theater! Click here to tell us why you want to take a family night!
KOOL 105 is handing out thousands in cash to lots of winners with the all-new Win at Work $500 KOOL Song of the Day, sponsored by Lifetime Windows & Siding! Every weekday morning at 7:45, Kevin McGowan will tell you the KOOL Song of the Day and when you’ll hear it. Then, when we start playing the song of the day, be the 10th caller at 303-631-1051 and you’ll win $500! Sounds easy, right? Click here to learn more! 
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