April 26, 2015
12:18 am
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Gregg Cassidy Bio

"Who the heck is Gregg Cassidy and who cares!!!"

His parents sent him to a Catholic school to get a good education all that he received was a quarterly embarrassment, when the Parish Priest would read his report card full of D's and a few C's in front of the whole class. "We love report card day." Mr. Cassidy you need to apply yourself. Now go and clean the erasers and quit stealing host out of the chalice...doesn't your mom feed you before you come to school?

His first girl friend taught him "Show and don't Tell"! There wasn't anything to show but mom found out about it and he caught holy H--- from dad and his 15 inch flexible steel ruler courtesy of Emory Paper products! For more details listen to Gregg with 3 "G's or as he likes to say

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