Kyle Hatch – Weekends

Where are you from?

I’m a local boy, I graduated from Eaglecrest High School, go Raptors.

What got you in to radio?

I used to be an actor but learned I have a face for radio, plus…we get to go to concerts for work so it is a tax deduction.

What is your favorite radio moment so far?

Granted, I don’t have many yet because I’m the kid of the crew at Kool, but at Kool Concert 2017 I got to be on stage with all the other jocks while we made announcements.  It was such an amazing sight, seeing how packed Pepsi Center was from the stage.

What is your career ambition?

This is it, I’ve been in sales a while and radio is just so much more fun.  Entertaining people makes me happy.

Where are you most comfortable?

With my son at Mile High Stadium for football season.  I bleed Orange and Blue, Go Broncos!!!