August 29, 2015
12:55 pm
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Kevin McGowan Mornings 5:30-10

Five fun facts about Kevin:
After repeatedly being told that he should try out for Jeopardy, he took the online test and failed miserably, proving he's not as smart as he thinks he is.
He once broadcast live from a nudist camp (opting for clothing in the clothing-optional setting) and came to the conclusion that it's hard to know where to look when having a conversation there.
In 1986 he was there to see his beloved New York Mets win the World Series.  He's been waiting...and waiting...and waiting...for that to happen again.
As a teenager he failed to realize his dream to see Led Zeppelin in concert, while his 50-year-old father went to the show for free without even wanting to go. It's a long story. He's still not over it.
He once made a living betting the horses. Most frequent response from others: "That's not a job. Seriously, what do you actually do for a living?"

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