August 30, 2015
7:55 am
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Jim Berry Afternoons 3-7

5 Questions for Jim

If you weren’t a Radio Jock…what would you be? 
If I was smart I would be a surgeon, I love needles and all that stuff.  I once watched my own knee surgery!  If I had the talent, I’d be playing golf for a living, that would be fun too!
What makes you laugh the hardest? 
When my three girls are being goofy, laughing at stupid stuff, it is so infectious.
What is something most people don’t know about you? 
I am a sucker for romantic movies, I cry every time.
What do you do for fun? 
Cook!  I love making a great Italian dish while listening to Sinatra, Deano or Buble’ while sipping on a great glass of wine.
What have been some of the most memorable moments in your radio career? 
Doing play by play for two state championship football games of the high school I attended, and broadcasting from the parking lot for 14 hours after 9/11 and raising nearly a million dollars for the disaster relief effort.

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