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Eagles - And the long goodbye at the Pepsi Center

by Kelly Randall posted Oct 8 2013 10:23AM

We don't know if it's the last time we'll ever see them. Don Henley, age 68, says this might be his last tour. Maybe it will be. Knowing this may have contributed to a truly magic night at the Pepsi Center.


The Eagles are billing this tour as "The History of the Eagles".  And they delivered on that promise. The show begins with their first album and follows their career from country rockers to full-on rockers. What was really outstanding was the quality of playing.  The big video screens reveal Joe Walsh's arthritis-riddled fingers. But those fingers still fly. He delivered an amazing Rocky Mountain Way that brought everyone to their feet.


The show had a deep sentimental quality. For many of us, the Eagles career covers the course of our teenage to adult transistion. Emotions were close to the surface at the Pepsi Center. Judging by the look on the audience's faces, there was a lot of love in the house.  Thank you Eagles. It's been a long ride.  And a great one.

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10/08/2013 8:23AM
Eagles - And the long goodbye at the Pepsi Center
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11/02/2013 4:24PM
good ridance
What "this is the last One" concert is this for these guys? Christ! They r as bad as Cher!
03/07/2014 8:42AM
I would go to their concerts as long as they will do them !! I love the Eagles and love to see them in concert - they put on a great show - bring them back !!
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